Display results based on url and multi-select options


I have a multi-select dropdown in my HubDB table which allows users to select multiple cities for that row (see screenshot).

I want to check the url for the presence of a certain city and then display all the rows that contain that specific value in the multi-select dropdown.


This is currently working (see code). But instead of manually passing "london" into the condition, I want to see if the url contains any of the values from the multi select.

Can anyone help? Am very new to Hubl!

{% set rows = hubdb_table_rows(dynamic_page_hubdb_row.hs_child_table_id) %}
{% set path = request.path %}

{% for row in rows %}
   {% for cities in row['cities'] %}

      {% if path is containing "london" %}
         Its london!
      {% endif %}

{% endfor %}
{% endfor %}

Screenshot 2019-11-02 at 20.24.35.png

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Hi @hd-hs ,


If I understand you correctly you're trying to see if the path contains one of the options listed in a multiselect that is populated from your HubDB? Would you mind sending me a link to the live URL where you're currently implementing this with hard coded values?


Kind regards,


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