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Display of dropdown vs nested (clickable) groups in modules can be improved

If you have a repeating field that is a group inside of a group with all other fields in the group linearized (no further nested non-repeating groups) this can be displayed as a single "dropdown" arrow style section rather than a block with the "edit" button.


The dropdown will have the "add one" / list section which is clear and the addition goes to the next section naturally.


It's redundant to have users click "edit" inside a nested group that doesn't really require it when it can be streamlined for ease of editing.


A group within a group ( that isn't repeatng) or at least one occurence of such a field at the latest relevant order, determining the two types of display, is clearly a case for "edit" and functions as such. The above is simply cleaner in the edge case listed for this.

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HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team

Display of dropdown vs nested (clickable) groups in modules can be improved

Hello there @Ntbrown 

As always, thanks for pointing things like this out 😀

I feel like many of your messages would be more appropriate in the ideas board.  We are always looking through that board for ways to improve.  (not that it will not be seen here, it is just a bit more direct to send to the ideas board)

Hope you had a great holiday!



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