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Display Hubspot List ( with contact info) on We page?

I am trying to display a list of Hubspot contacts on my web page.
Is this possible?
I would like to display contact information for our Members.
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HubSpot Employee
HubSpot Employee

Display Hubspot List ( with contact info) on We page?

Thanks @sharonlicari . In this case, that specific post isn't the best way to approach this question, though HubDB may be part of a solution here.

@WWalsh2 - This might be possible with custom solution development. But, can you say more about what 'showing member contact info' means in this use case?

It is possible to render HubSpot Contact info onto a web page assuming that there is some logical connection in the CRM between those contacts (i.e. they're all part of the same Company record, or you have a 'Membership' custom object where every Contact is associated) OR they all have a few property values that you can filter on. You can't/shouldn't simply display all contacts on a page. Another major caveat here is that due to security reasons, the user would also need to be logged in via HubSpot Content Membership or it be a password protected page.

The code features that would power this are outlined here - Hubl crm_objects functions

Also go here to learn about content membership (CMS Enterprise)


Hope that helps

Community Manager
Community Manager

Display Hubspot List ( with contact info) on We page?

Hey @WWalsh2 


Welcome to the community!


Are you planning to display this data on a public webpage? I'd recommend checking what our HubSpotter @robertainslie recommended in this thread.


I hope this helps





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