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Discover the CMS Hub -- June 2 Webinar

Hi everyone,


Today, we hosted a webinar on the brand new CMS Hub. We introduced the Hub, gave a product demo and hosted a panel with John Aikin from Web Canopy Studio, Bruno Amico from Inbound Soul, and Hunter Gorman from PivIT Global.


If you’d like to listen back to this webinar, you can do so here


We’ve also responded to the questions we couldn’t get to during the live broadcast below.

Can CMS Hub be used to create landing pages in addition to full websites?

Yes! CMS Hub includes the landing pages tool in addition to website pages, and blog.


Can you speak to the SEO functionality in CMS Hub?

CMS Hub comes with all the SEO tools featured in Marketing Hub. This includes optimization tools that help you optimize your content for search as you create it, SEO recommendations that provide you with helpful tips on how to improve your content’s rank, a Google Search Console Integration, and a content strategy tool that will help you organize your content for search. To learn more about HubSpot’s SEO tools, check out this knowledge article.


What steps can we take to ensure that our CMS Hub site is optimized for speed.

The HubSpot platform is built to help you create a fast, performant website. That being said, you still need to follow developer best practices to ensure that your site performs as you would expect. This article walks through a number of different actions you or your developers can take to keep your site’s performance up.

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