Disable Primary Hs_Default_Custom_Style.css from blog/system pages

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I noticed you can disable the Primary CSS File option for Website Pages, but cannot do so for system/error pages.


We have all sorts of default styling messing up our template coming from:


There is also not an option to do this for the Blog. However, our blog was designed a while back before Hubspot reworked their backend/editing structure, so I'm guessing these options have been lost since then.


In fact all our old archived blog and system templates from 2015-2017 have the Primary CSS file disabled but we can't find the option now.


Any solution? Thanks

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On your templates you can choose EXCLUDE for the Domain stylesheets.


Then link a different one.


Or for global, in settings / blog / templates you can see towards the bottom where css is selected.

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I also ran into this problem just now..


I'm creating another blog for a client, using custom coded template.


I have no idea where I can disable Hs_Default_Custom_Style.css - does anyone know?


There is actually an option in the templates


templateType: blog
isAvailableForNewContent: true
enableDomainStylesheets: false
label: Homepage


but setting enableDomainStylesheets doesn't seem to do much..

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So was just in contact with support & they confirmed there isn't a way to remove this.


The only way is via javascript, sure not so neat, but better than nothing right?


(make sure jquery is loaded also)


      $( document ).ready(function() {
document.querySelector('link[href$="Hs_Default_Custom_Style.min.css"]').remove(); });

added both min.css & css as min.css only gets created after a while I believe.


also please upvote the "idea" as otherwise this doesn't get looked at by development: