Directory issue



Anyone that can help with this..?


I first joined hubspot as digitalmarketingstrategic.

After the test period and the experiments in the local market we grew a bit with additional services and recently we came up with the “new” company named Viral Growth


I created a new hubspot account for viral growth but today I thought to change the details and the settings of and to replace everything with the viral growth details and settings

I did that in order not to take the courses again from the beginning and not to loose the contacts, companies and the reviews 


After the changes i made i have three issues

1. In the directory we appear as ViralGrowth but the url has the digitalmarketingstrategic

2. All my certifications lost

3. The meetings link is not working any more. Instead of my name t has a 3 digit number that drives i generic calendar of hubspot


Account ID 4012512 is the one i want to keep 


Thank you so much for youe assistance and looking forward to your response



Kind regards

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Community Manager

Hey @SpyrosK 


I apologize for the delay response! Thank you for all the details.


1. Could you please advise which directory are you referring to? 

2. Usually, certifications are associated with your email, so if you ever change your email you can transfer your certifications following these steps Smiley Happy

3. Are you still having the same problem? If so, could you please advise if your inbox with the new domain is connected to your account? Could you please confirm if you have followed these steps?


Thank you


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