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Custom form on Webflow site

Hello -

I have a Webflow site that has global styles set for any Hubspot form that appears on it. Unfortunately, those global styles won't work with a new form that's been added to the site as it needs to be styled a little bit differently. Basically, the styles set the form to appear in a single row. Works great for the form with only a couple of fields but not so much for this new one that has 3 additional fields (one being a message field).

The only way I can really think of is to remove the global styles from that particular page, but that's not a viable option.


Is there another way I'm not thinking of? I'm guessing that's not the case, but as the only developer on my team I could use a sounding board of sorts.

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Key Advisor | Elite Partner

Custom form on Webflow site

I've never used Webflow but it looks like you can add classes to elements on the page -

So you could add a class to the container you put the form in and update the CSS to only put fields in a single row on forms in a container with that custom class. Or if you don't want to go and update a bunch of forms you can add a custom class to that single form that doesn't need to be in a single row and add CSS to fix that.

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