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I've created the custom exit-intent on this page.

I want that if any visitor closes this exit-intent box then it should not come for 7 days. Because it is installed in all the pages so that it comes again and again.


Please help me with this.


Note: I don't want to use HubSpot's exit-intent, because it doesn't have tracking.


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Hi @Sameer 


Inserting UTM (URL Tracking) in your button to exit HubSpot, allows you to track the link.


Believe that solving your problem and then using or leaving with intention of HubSpot itself, setting a deadline of one week.


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Thanks for jumping in, @DanielSanchez!


@Sameer, you could also set custom cookies in visitors' browsers, calculating and adding an expiration date a week from the current time with a JavaScript Date object.


You could then add JavaScript to your custom module which checks for the presence of this cookie and only renders the pop-up when it is absent.


If you're operating under GDPR, you may also wish to consider binding the cookie to your HubSpot privacy policy consent banner with this method. In such a scenario, there may be no way to avoid displaying the pop-up to visitors who do not consent to be tracked.

Isaac Takushi

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