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Custom Post Type Like Standardized content

Hi to anyone,

I'd need to develop within Hubspot CMS a whole section of a website.

This section, let's say Recipe, with the ingredients, dosage etc of single recipe.

Each recipe should be considered as a page, let's say something like this:


In other CMS (eg. Wordpress), I'll go directly with custom post type content, but in this case, what is, in your opinion the best solution within HS CMS?

This, in consideration of:

- Standardization of Data Entry

- Flexibility in term of Template for printing informations

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Custom Post Type Like Standardized content

Four options, depending on your requirements:


1. HubDB, allows you to store rows with custom columns, create dynamic pages and you can build some custom filters for a listing. Dynamic pages require a predetermined template.


2. Blog, create a listing, and detail pages. Use blog tags to filter and the option to create a custom listing and post templates.


3. Regular pages, quite hard to create a listing, filtering nearly impossible.


4. Custom objects, a great option if you want to associate the recipes to CRM objects. Can create dynamic pages the same way HubDB does.

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Custom Post Type Like Standardized content

I believe there's two ways to do this: 


1) Set it up as a blog like Wordpress where you create page and populate content in the editor.


2) Build a dynamic page and populate with HubDB.


Option 2 is a great way to standardize data entry. 




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Custom Post Type Like Standardized content

Great use case for HubDB (if you have CMS Hub Pro or Enterprise). Essentially a HubDB is a spreadsheet so you can have standardised data, and you can create dynamic pages from it.


The only drawback I know of is that, because they are dynamically created pages, you will have to track views, form submissions etc via a third party analytics solution like GA which track via URLs. Hubspot doesn't count these as pages and so doesn't track them.