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Custom Object with Unique Identifier for Deduping

Hello! I recently upgraded from Sales Pro to Sales Enterprise so I can create Custom Objects and create a field that has unique data for deduping purposes. I've also added Operations Pro for a web hook. HubSpot provided me with two apps that can assist in creating these custom objects - Custom Objects Station and Easy Custom Objects. However, I think I still need to do some coding in order to identify a field that has unique info for deduping, correct?


My scenerio: I export upcoming closings for property sales from MLS  and import them to HubSpot so our sales department can work these new owners. We currently import them as "Deals." However, I want to create a Custom Object for "Properties" and use the Parcel ID as the unique identifier. In a couple days, when I pull the list again, I want HS to automatically dedup the sales I've already loaded so I don't have to manually dedup in excel. I also want to set up a webhook so that when information on that property is changed in HubSpot, it's automatically updated in excel. This is especially important for the status of a sale - Active listing v. Pending Closing v. Sold. 



1. Can I use the above-mentioned apps to create a Custom Object and then do the coding necessary for that field?

2. Which app is preferred?

3. I know nothing about coding. Where do I begin?


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Custom Object with Unique Identifier for Deduping

Hi, @MLeonard54 👋 Sounds like there is a lot to unpack here. Let's see if we can get the conversation going and get some feedback on what you can self-serve and what might require some coding assistance.


Hey, @Anton @Jnix284 @Stephanie-OG @LMeert do you have any thoughts on how @MLeonard54 can think about approaching this challenge with the tools they now have access to? Or ideas on how to break this down into smaller chunks of can self-serve vs. will need help with custom-coding.


Thank you! — Jaycee


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