'Custom HTML' and 'Custom Hubl' module removed from new design manager?

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Hello there!

The new design manager looks great, and comes with many improvements, but where did the modules for 'custom HTML' and 'custom Hubl' go?

What's the rationale behind removing them?



No default 'custom HTML' module?No default 'custom HTML' module?

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I just asked the same question as well recently, if you follow the thread below you can get it for free in the marketplace at 

https://app.hubspot.com/marketplace/<your Hub ID>/products/hubspot/html



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Thank you!

It seems like Hubspot it trying to encourage more "defined" modules, which is fair, but often I find myself just needing to make one or two values to be editable by the marketing team. Making a brand new custom module seems redundant (and much more time consuming) in those cases.