Custom CSS does not apply on mobile web GMAIL

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Hi all, 


custom CSS is not applied to testing email when I try to open on mobile web Gmail.


Do you think any specific reason?


Here is preview:


Image from iOS.png

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@Hey @vytas 


I'm guessing here, but the background image issue seems to be that the depreciated background attribute image is too large. This is because your image as you know is @2x. The background attribute doesn't allow you to scale (source) so now your image is twice the dimensions as Gmail wants it to be as, illustrated in the image below:

Asset 7@2x-2-1-1-1.png




Now the text styling is an odd one because everything looks correct to me. This could possibly be caused by load speed, but seems rather unlikely. Might be worth combing through these documents.



More on the background image size issue