Creating a master template with all modules from purchased Turbo Sodium v2.1


Hi all, 


We purchased a template pack (Turbo Sodium V2.1) and have used it to build our website on the HubSpot COS.


Our goal is to leverage this template to be able to quickly create site/landing pages that are customised to our content (e.g. a page with module 1 from template A, module 5 from template B, etc). 

We are experiencing issues in doing so as building the section wrappers is time intensive and the styling often goes awry. 

We are thinking of creating a 'master' template with all of the sections/modules we are likely to use included in one template. From there, we would clone the template for every new page and delete/rearrange sections and modules as required. 


Does this sound like a good work around? Does anyone have other suggestions? 


I'd appreciate any input!

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Hey @kieeks this will depend on the template / modules themselves. @Jsum have you seen this attempted before?

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If I am following you, it seams like your purchased a coded template outside of Hubspot, and are now wanting to use it as a Hubspot template.? If this is the case then how you are aproaching it sounds a bit messy.


I recently did a project where I took a coded template set and plugged it into Hubspot. I used a macro file for the header and footer. I had to create the navigation as custom modules because the header was a mega menu.

I then took each section type create it as a custom module in Hubspot, and made them editable.  You can then add flexible columns in a template and add sections from the page editor. Your modules are editable per page so no need to duplicate.


TurboSodium is a Hubspot template (produced by a 3rd party) available from the Hubspot Marketplace.


I presume once one buys it is is available in your Hubspot account as a normal Template to be used. Will it be more difficult than that (we are considering to buy it very soon)?