Creating a filter system for a big event

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Hi there, 

I am attempting to create a filter system similar to the session filter here: by using the HubDB method that creates a real estate listing: So far I have followed the tutorial successfully and everything is functional. What I need help is: 


1. Does anyone know if this is my best way to go about the filter function in HubSpot for landing page?

2. If so, does any one know how to change it so that the results come up with a bit of gap under the filter bar? 
3. And with each result, have the image on the left and content on the right? The image should be on the left, same height as all the content on the right? 

Here's an image of current result:

Screenshot (1).pngcurrent result

4. Does any one know how to change to the code so that it is not stacked results, rather, it has a number of results in one row? 

5. Lastly, is it possible to have the results divded into two sections? E.g. first section at the top with a title, and section on the bottom with a title plus different CSS setting such as smaller image. 


I hope someone can help me with this!


Thanks and much appreciated. 


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