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We are currently in the process of redesigning our entire website and have set our English pages on Content Staging. I am aware of creating multi-language pages on the Website Page when they are published, from this resource.

What is the best approach or solution for creating staged content for multi-language pages and have both the English and French languages linked to each other?

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@PYoganathan There's a post in the Ideas forum asking for this feature as it's currently not one. I'd suggest upvoting it and voicing you're want for this.

From one of the posts in there "When you publish a page through Content Staging, we preserve the original language of the page, but not the multilanguage group that it was originally part of. That said, after you publish the page, you can manually re-group the pages." So you can publish different language pages separetly within staging and then after pushing live you can group them together for multi-language support.


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Hi @PYoganathan ,

Please watch this video :

Hope this helps!

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