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I am creating an FAQ page on our site but wanted to know if a search bar can be created only based on the custom questions created on this page. When the suggestion is clicked, it will redirect them to the main accordion page below with the specific accordion dropdown collapsed.

Example concept of FAQ searchExample concept of FAQ search


2nd screen when the user is directed to the question they clicked on.2nd screen when the user is directed to the question they clicked on.

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@erod , @dbeau79 how would you all handle this?



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Hi @PYoganathan ,

if you are using search_input module then it provide you various optios about which type of results you want to show after search as shown in image link

so based on your requirements you can select this options or even all at once.

Hope this helps!

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@PYoganathan , sorry for the late reply here but we recently built out something similar using HubDB and @piersg 's extremely helpful example of how to add autocomplete.  For your specific example I'd dynamically add an anchor to each accordion on the results page and on the search page utilize the autocomplete and generate a hash that corresponds to each accordion.  So when you hit submit your just appending that hash to /results url.  On the results page just write a little javascript that grabs the hash in the url and opens that accordion.  I realize this post is very late and you probably have it sorted but if you need any more help please let me know.