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Create Site and Transfer to Clients

Disclaimer: amateur question no doubt.


I currently create sites on Wix from templates. Purchase and connect the domain in Wix. And when I'm done, transfer to the Client. 


How does that work with HubSpot? Are we able to do that, and does client then pay for CMSHub, or potentially ServiceHub for advanced chatbot options?


*The sites I build are add-ons to clients existing sites (usually not built/hosted in HubSpot). 


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Create Site and Transfer to Clients

@HaywardCreative If you're new to building websites in HubSpot and are used to using templates in Wix, I'm going to assume you aren't coding the templates themselves?


If you are coding the website, then as @BarryGrennan mentioned, you would be able to code the theme (collection of templates, modules, and assets) in a sandbox account and then transfer it to their account when it's ready, but you'd still be building the actual pages in their account (there's no way to transfer website pages, only the theme files) - they would only need the corresponding CMS Hub subscription at that point.


If you are NOT coding the templates yourself and you plan on purchasing a theme from the HubSpot marketplace, or using a free theme, then the website would have to be built directly in their portal - these themes and website pages can't be built in a dev account or sandbox.


You would need to do all of the work in their portal directly, with access via your email/credentials, and could use Content Staging to manage the launch more effectively.


If you're freelance or an agency, you might look into becoming a Solutions Provider or Partner to take advantage of all of the benefits available.


Hope this helps! Happy to answer questions if you have any, we were all new to CMS Hub at some point!


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Create Site and Transfer to Clients

I'm open to correction here, but sites built outside the Hubspot CMS can't just be transfered onto it in any straightforward way.


The Hubspot CMS operates on it's own templating language HubL, I don't know what Wix templates are based on, but it no doubt won't be one to one compatible.


I have seen clients with sites that are built almost entirely in raw html and css, my guess in those cases is they had a developer unfamiliar with Hubspot. And it's fine if you don't want to edit anything or make use of Hubspot modules etc. But you're really missing out on lots of features and it's way more work in the long run as you're not templating at all.


Perhaps I'm just getting confused by the mention of Wix and what you're looking for is info on developing a site on your own portal before transfering to the clients, which you can do. I have a developer account, often I'll do a lot of the basic work on a theme there before transfering it to the client portal using local development to download the theme to my computer and then upload it to the client portal


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