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Core web vitals LCP issues: all related to HubSpot


My developers have had a thorough look through all the LCP issues being reported in my Core Web Vitals report and all of these come down to HubSpot.  Does anyone know of any plans from HubSpot to update their JS and server configuration? 

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Guide | Diamond Partner

Core web vitals LCP issues: all related to HubSpot

Hi @RebeccaS,


HubSpot is a platform where you can easily create templates with the use of drag and drop. If you want more control to handle javascript files that are loaded into your site, it's good idea to dive into .html templates and switch to it. Your developer will have more controle over it this way. Check out getting started with themes.


My colleague @Sjardo and I have recently optimized the website ( and are still improve statistics. If you need any help you can contact us.

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