Convert basic date string to dateobject (no time in string)

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I'm have an issue. We have event posts that have basic single line text field. In that the content publisher is putting in the date like so (d-m-Y e.g. 03-09-2019).


I've tried to use strtotime to convert this string into a dateobject which I can then use to convert into reading somethign like 3 Sept 19.


I think the issue is strtotime doesn't like that there's not time e.g.


{% set edate = post.widgets.event_date.body.value|strtotime('d/m/Y') %}

<p>{{ edate|datetimeformat('%e') }}</p>
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Hey @benji_thecroc 


As with most of my post(lol)…I'm no expert, but I gave it a shot!


It looks like your "strtotime" arguments are formated incorrectly.


As per the docs your year should be labeled as "yyyy", month as "MM", and day as "dd". All separated by "-". The user's input should be formated in this way as well.


It is also missing the time stamp which unfortunately is require. You could append a generic timestamp dynamically if it is not needed on your end.


Maybe something like this?


{# adding a generic timestamp #}
{% set inputDate = post.widgets.event_date.body.value~"T00:00:00+0000" %} 

{# declare edate #}
{% set edate = inputDate|strtotime("yyyy-MM-dd'T'HH:mm:ssZ")|unixtimestamp %} 

{# print value #}
<p>{{ edate|datetimeformat('%e') }}</p>



I hope this helps!