Conversations API - resetting the chatflow on page reload or closed conversation

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I am attempting to to make use of the conversations API on this HubSpot page:


I am loading a JS file in which contains some Conversations API logic:


Essentially I am trying to ensure that the chatbot is completely cleared and refreshed upon page load and when the user closes the chat.  I feel like the code I have written in the above file should do this according to the Conversations API documentation.  However I am finding two problems:


  1. The conversation history is kept on page load (though if I refresh the page more than once, then the conversation history does dissappeear)
  2. The conversationClosed event never seems to fire.  (I am assuming it should fire when a user clicks the X to close the chat window).

Please could someone provide some advice?


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Hey @rowan-reid 


I will tag a few of our experts Emoticono feliz     


Hey @himanshurauthan @sanka could you please share your knowledge with @rowan-reid   ?


Thank you


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I'm sorry couldn't help you here as i'm tied up.