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Hi all,

I'm trying to create a module which embeds an image for model/color in emails.

This is the sample code, just trying to estract corresponding codes from the contact token values:

{% set colors = [
   {"code":"a", "name":"Color 1"},
   {"code":"b", "name":"Color 2"},
   {"code":"c", "name":"Color 3"}
{% set models = [
   {"code":"01", "name":"Model 1"},
   {"code":"02", "name":"Model 2"},
   {"code":"03", "name":"Model 3"},
Model: {{ models|selectattr('name','equalto',contact.pick_your_model)|first|attr('code') }}
Color: {{ colors|selectattr('name','equalto',contact.pick_your_color)|first|attr('code') }}

The output is:


I tried with for loops and macros, but same issue.

Seems like contact tokens filtered or used in functions are not processed in real time, while simple contact tokens are.


Model: {{ contact.pick_your_model }}
Color: {{ contact.pick_your_color }}

Output is:

Model: Model 1
Color: Color 2

Is it an issue?

Any workaround?



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