[Closed] Exclusive CMS Hub AMA (Nov 16)

HubSpot Employee

Hey HubSpot Community, 

My name is Patrick Eng and I’m a member of the Onboarding Team at HubSpot. Your website is one of your biggest assets and with your CMS Hub plan, you can easily set up, customize, and manage all your pages while also leveraging the power of the HubSpot CRM. And with CMS Enterprise being released earlier this year, the ability to create custom objects, and even create dynamic content through HubDB or serverless functions, we want to ensure you have all of the answers to be set up for success using CMS Hub. We’ll be available to answer questions from November 16 - November 20, so please feel free to ask us anything. 
Need some suggestions for what to ask? Here are some example questions:

Is it worth setting up a blog?
What’s the difference between a blog post, a landing page, and a website page?
How many domains can I have?
How can I optimize my pages for SEO?
How can I best use the Content Staging tool?
How do I use HubDB?
How do I customize a Theme?
We have members of the HubSpot product, developer, support, and success team here to answer any questions you might have. 
Luke Summerfield (@Lukesummerfield) - CMS Hub Go-To-Market Lead, Product
Katie Tade (@katie) - Product Manager
Will Spiro (@wspiro) - Product Manager
Snaedís Valsdóttir (@snaedis) - Associate Product Manager
Jon McLaren (@jmclaren) - Senior CMS Developer Advocate
A.J. LaPorte (@AJLaPorte) - Senior CMS Developer Advocate
Ashley Kim - Customer Success Manager
Joe Roche (@joerr) - Customer Success Manager
Madelyn Simmons - Customer Success Manager
Allison Nichols (@anichols) - Principal Onboarding Specialist
Jermaine Charvy (@jcharvy) - Principal Onboarding Specialist
Ian McKeown - Principal Onboarding Specialist
Justin  (@jtit) - Senior Customer Onboarding Specialist
Patrick Eng (@PatrickEng) - Customer Onboarding Specialist
Cooper McDonald (@cmcdonald) - Senior Customer Support Specialist
Ernestina Spinu (@eSpinu) - Senior Customer Support Specialist
Cathal Hopper (@CathalHopper) - Customer Support Specialist
Feel free to drop in your questions below. We’ll start answering questions on November 16th and until 3 PM EST on November 20th.
Look forward to hearing from you soon!

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I am interested in the issue of connecting to WordPress. Namely, how to make sure that registered users get into the database? By registrants, I mean not those who filled out the contact form, but those who registered in their personal account.