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Is there a way to completely clone a live Hubspot account, the config settings, workflows, etc? We would like to be able to test a few things, but don't want to do it in our live account. And, would rather not have to do the duplicate work of copying and pasting everything over a our Hubspot dev account.

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Unfortunately I think the only way to move content is to export and import. This article on exporting mentions merging but it's the same principle: 


"Please note: there is no way to merge all the data between HubSpot accounts. The best way to move assets between accounts is to export your data from a HubSpot account, then import the objects and/or recreate certain data in the other account."


Also, while you can use a free sandbox developer account for the CMS, it doesn't include tools like Workflows: 




Perhaps this is a good one for the Ideas form

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HubSpot support addressed this somewhere in 2017 / 2018. (can't seem to find it) Agreed, no way to 'clone' accounts.


Marketing dev accounts can include workflows (with limited abilities), but (if cloning were possible) it could potentially cause massive issues triggering duplicate actions against production data, so ... Even if HubSpot built-in protections for the cloned portal (e.g., turned off all cloned workflows) there would still be numerous other issues to contend with -- e.g., registered domains, email sending domains, user accounts (and notifications), sequences, etc. Not to mention all the cloned contacts and companies.


Can't speak for HubSpot, but prolly not on the radar.


Looks like export / import / manual build / test.
Be careful.


Note: Please search for recent posts as HubSpot evolves to be the #1 CRM platform of choice world-wide.


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We solved this.

Happy to let you run a test to see how it works.

We just need API keys from your production portal and dev account - oh, and a zoom meeting and maybe 15 minutes of time.



@twengler  Any chance this will be available to the public without divulging API keys? Seems like a really good idea

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Yes working on it now. We will be moving to oauth and then to the app store so no API keys will be needed.   Stay in touch, I will post updates here.


This would make development so much easier! How do I upvote this!


As a new HubSpot developer coming from the Wordpress world this has so far been one of my largest challenges. I am finding the repeated need to spin up development sites for each person on my team, along with keeping our staging site up to date to match the live blog.


I can appreciate the difficulty in 'cloning' an entire production HubSpot account to a sandbox, but really we just need the ability to clone everything on the CMS side, including assets, theme files, and most importantly content!


@twengler - what is the status of the portal replicator? Your link above is a 404

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@natezander ,

We here you.  We are working on multiple fronts to make the developer workflow the best possible experience.

Albeit, this is only available for Enterprise accounts at the moment, here is an example of some of the work we are investing in.  We take the Developer very seriously are investing a lot of resources to improve! 

We encourage any kind of feedback that you can provide here as well as on the Developer Slack Group




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Participant | Platinum Partner    That link works. We copy the following:   all custom properties, most forms and workflows (if there is a dependency like "if the contact is a member of X list, then..." we can't copy these workflows from production to test portals.     


we cannot clone on the CMS side due to API locks


our solution is not perfect but it may get you 90% of the way there...  


Thank you both @dennisedson and @twengler!


If you're a developer - we developed a simple solution that you can use for free:

Only does properties now, but probably quite easy to add forms, workflows etc - with need we might add that too.