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I would love some help on something.  We have created a new blog on Hubspot (we already have a blog up and running).  Bascially, I want to take blog posts from our originial blog (which will stay live) and copy those posts verbatum and put them in our new blog, which has a different design template.  When I clone the post and put it into the new blog, the actual content isn't showing up.  It's just the blog post title that transfers over.  Help!  Hubspot support couldn't help me and sent me here to get some advice.  


I am happy to share the posts with you, but not sure what you need... so let me know and I will share away!



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Hi @bodyhelix,


I think there is a way to change blog post within one Hubspot Account.

for that, you have to just clone your live blog post and change clone post  Blog root URL like this,


Team TRooInbound


This helped a ton! Thank you