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Changing default content of a module

Hi there, Im using a coded template. And I'm trying to change the default content of the module just on that one template. Here is what im doing 

{% module "SR Hero 01" path="/sr/custom-modules/SR Hero 01", heading="Build A High-Converting HubSpot Website Without Hiring An Agency", content="Try For Free" %}

That code works, it changes the `heading` and the `content` fields.


But what I cant figure out is how to change the content of a repeater, you can do this with a Drag and Drop template so it must be possible.


this is what I've tried 

{% module "SR Three Col 02" path="/sr/custom-modules/SR Three Col 02", label="SR Three Col 02", heading="How Does Your Product/Service Serve Your Customer?", description="Be as specific as you can.", column=[{col_heading="Get Pro"}, {col_heading="Get Pro"}, {col_heading="Get Pro"}] %}

trying to change the items in the `column` field. I just cant get the right syntax


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Changing default content of a module

Hey @bradhave 


I will tag a few of our experts to learn from them.   


Hey  @amwilie @picwillsmith @stefen could you please share your knowledge with @bradhave?


Thank you & Happy Holidays

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