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Changing Templates




I'm currently working on switching our current company blog and resources templates with new ones:




My question is what is the best method for retaining some of our current formatting (Text size, font, color scheme)? We also want to replace the header and footer on the new templates with our company header footer as well as use some of our site hero images for added consistency throughout our site (these current pages don't have attractive hero banners or interesting headings). 


I'm assuming this design question will be answered within attached CSS. Each new template, the Alande and Sahara, come with their own CSS and we also have an internal CSS currently in use for our blog/resources. Will it be easier to switch out font/text size/color rules within the new templates and replace them with what we currently have or is it easier to copy new styling elements from the templates into an updated version of our current template?


The main goal is that these new templates showcase new functionality for our blog and resources, but maintain our branding and company aesthetic. 


Thank you,



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*Also side note, I am not a developer but I have some basic knowledge and experience with coding. We also do not have a developer on our team, its just me. 

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