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Centralizing Blog Content: Utilizing Categories in a Single Blog?

We're currently facing a challenge with our blog setup and would appreciate some guidance. Our situation is as follows:


We currently maintain content across four separate blogs, but we're considering consolidating them into a single central blog. Our aim is to streamline content management and improve user experience.


Our vision involves creating new blog posts within this central blog and categorizing each post accordingly. Additionally, we plan to migrate our existing 500 blog posts to this central blog and assign appropriate categories to them.


We're inspired by the organizational structure of Wistia's "Learn" section (, where content is grouped into categories ( We're intrigued by this approach and wonder if it's feasible for our setup.


Specifically, we're exploring the possibility of using HubDB to implement these categories. However, we're unsure about the process of associating blog posts with categories and presenting them effectively to our visitors.


Our main questions are:

  1. Is it feasible to manage blog content using categories within a single blog, akin to Wistia's approach?
  2. How can we effectively associate blog posts with categories using HubDB, and how do we ensure visibility for visitors?

We're also open to alternative solutions. For instance, could dynamic pages created through HubDB serve our purpose better than traditional blogs?


Any insights or recommendations would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your assistance!

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Centralizing Blog Content: Utilizing Categories in a Single Blog?

Hi there!


I like suggest to use custom category dropdown in blog post to group up based on catergory. But instead of having link some thing like eg: It would be so it would be better show up in listing with filter option based on category and tag. 

Thank you! Happy HubSpoting!!

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Most Valuable Member | Diamond Partner

Centralizing Blog Content: Utilizing Categories in a Single Blog?

Hi @MrCapp 


Although Wistia appears to be using Contenful rather than HubSpot to host their learning centre (which may be how they are aggregating posts to the main learn page), each of the categories in the learn section is, essentially, its own blog where:


The page looks to have mostly curated content, although it does appear to show the latest posts from all blogs - this is not possible out-of-the box with HubSpot. 


HubSpot's own blogs are structured similarly ( minus the cross-blog aggregation as far as I can see. 


To answer your questions:

  • No. HubSpot's blog tags have a single level taxonomy, not nested categories and tags
  • Not easily. Although you could create custom CMS pages with feeds pulling posts from specifc tags, and make them look like categories. 

My recommendation would be to use what HubSpot gives you, and leave the rest. The reality is, buyers are not nearly as interested in our categories and tags as we are - most will use Google to find your blog posts, read them, and then leave. Lean into it and you will get better results from your content marketing. 

Hope this helps.



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Centralizing Blog Content: Utilizing Categories in a Single Blog?

It depends on how far you want to go beyond that basic structure, but have a look into blog Tags within Hubspot. 


If you just want a basic Blog > Category, then you can create a tag of the name, and assign it. 


To access this content, "tag" will be in the URL. For example, if you want the category to be Marketing, the URL will be: