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Capturing conversion URL when embedding Hubspot form on Wix page

Hi! I have seen several posts that point out the issue when a Hubspot form is embedded on a Wix page in a Wix iframe. When the Hubspot form is submitted, the 'conversion page' that Hubspot records is actually the iframe url which contains the fileusr domain. There does not seem to be a way to capture the actual URL the iframe sits on.


In other forum posts, I have seen some indication that it might be possible to alter the embed code with javascript to capture certain information and then send that info to a hidden field. However, I haven't been able to find a complete explanation of how to implement the javascript, or how to get the hidden field's default value to read in the URL that is passed to it by the javascript.


We'd really appreciate any help in this!

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Capturing conversion URL when embedding Hubspot form on Wix page

Hi Jaycee!


We have hubspot forms embedded on this website:


Except for the footer, we have created a different form in hubspot for each page we use a form. That way we can know the page based off of which form was submitted. However, that doesn't work for the footer since that is set once and instantiated on all pages. In addition, it's not really a long-term solution since maintaining a bunch of different forms for the exact same purpose will get more difficult as we grow.


There's this forum post: which directly asks about the issue, though there weren't really any responses that spoke to the issue. That post links here: where someone talks about the incompatibility of Hubspot and Wix.


In this one, one of Derek's replies mentions the issue being due to embedding in an iframe:


This article also offeres an interesting solution, but not one that I could get to work;\


I did find a method for targeting the Wix iFrame with one GTM account and sending it via triggers/tags to the parent GTM account, but unfortunately that does not work if you have a site with SSL.


That's why I'm hoping there's a way to capture Page URL (or at least path) that the iFrame sits on and pass it directly to hubspot via a hidden field.

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Capturing conversion URL when embedding Hubspot form on Wix page

Hey, @SPaul72 👋 Thanks for your question.


You are correct, there are numerous posts with similar frustrations. As this is happening on a Wix-created page, some of this may come down to being a “Wix” thing and not directly addressable from the HubSpot side of things. I don't mean to offer a cop-out or bounce you around. Knowing where the hard edges are helps us make informed decisions.


We do have some JavaScript wizards in the community, and they'll likely need additional information and an example to look at. 


Here are a few questions that will help the community:

  • Can you share links to the specific forum posts that you mentioned? Occasionally, they can be a bit outdated
  • Do you have a link to a live example of the embedded form on your Wix site?

This info can help our community to give you targeted advice or troubleshooting suggestions.


Thank you! — Jaycee



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