Cannot resolve property "[missing {{token}} value] in Custom module

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Hi, I found this post here:


but it didn't really help me with the issue.


I have a carousel module which draws in data from a hubdb table. This works, but once I try to query for a specific category (dropdown in the hubdb), I get the error:

Cannot resolve property "[missing {{token}} value]

with no explanation on what the error actually is.


I had a chat with support and they were a bit stumped as well so I've come here looking for answers.


      {% for row in hubdb_table_rows(<tableid>, "&category="~module.category) %}
        <li class="carousel-item">
      {% endfor %}


The Category variable is set to 1, 2, 3, 4 etc which corresponds to the select options in the hubdb column. If I change the module.category to just a number, it works and lets me publish.


I can preview the module and it all works, but it refuses to let me publish stating the error mentioned above. 


Any help on this will be greatly appreciated.

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So I noticed something really strange.


If I create a table field and do:


{% for row in hubdb_table_rows(module.table, "&category="~value) %}

instead of 

{% for row in hubdb_table_rows(<table id>, "&category="~value) %}

it works. This is strange as both lines of code are identical when parsed. I tried replacing value with just a number before and it worked fine, which leads me to believe this might be an error in hubspot's parser?

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So I came accross this same issue when setting the size of an icon using a "field variable" vs a fixed size.  The error was 

Cannot resolve property "[missing {{token}} value]

I was able to resolve the issue by setting a default value of the variable. Default Value Documentation


So, this is what the code ended up looking like for me.

<span style="fill:{{ module.icon_color.color }}; height: {{ module.icon_size }}px; margin: 0px;">{% icon name="{{ }}" set="fontawesome-5" style="solid" format="svg" width="{{ module.icon_size|default('24') }}" height="{{ module.icon_size|default('24') }}" %}</span>

For unknown reasons I have to set the height of the span in addition to the icon size or the icon will not center properly vertically using flex css.


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That's because anything inline would auto adjust to the height of the container if using flexbox. You can see the effects if you set a background colour on your <a> or <span> and use flexbox to vertically align.