Can I get a better web site by working on the format for aesthetics??



I has used hubspot for 3 years, I am a business owner, not a web developer. I have done what I could. It has been a good tool.


I have a Google ads consultant, and she is providing some feedback about my site and my competitor’s sites.


She feels the and website layout at: Is a good model for me.


My web site is


She feels my site is busy and disorganized and the layout is not very eye pleasing which is likely leaving a less optimal impression on visitors. That my site could be more effective with a different design.


Questions for the forum:


  • What do you think?
  • If I keep the content and structure, could I change the format and increase site value?
  • I am busy and I am on the edge of my abilities – how could I find somebody to reform one page (the home page)? To test the idea?
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@Signs Your website is a good start, but it could definately be improved (most things in life could). 


I think you did a very decent job for not being a developer/designer, but there is a reason professional designers and developers exist. A professional designer could take all of the information you are currently displaying on your site and reorganize and stylize it to:

1. match your branding guidlines

2. adhere to web design standards

3. add asthetic flare that is pleasing to the eye and directs your leads


and a professional developer can:

1. build your design using best practices set by google and other web development authorities

2. add functionality (hovers, effects, etc.) that interact with the user

3. build a fully responsive site that works on mobile, tablet, and desktop

4. optimize images, asset files, etc. for speed


There is a science to both, just like there is a science to marketing, sales, and etc. When you do these things yourself what you save in money you spend in time because you are setting out to learn these skills to the point that you can effectively manage these things for your business. As a web developer of 10 years I can say I am still learning new things. I am a DIY person myself and I know it can be overwhelming. 


If you plan to hire someone, be wary of hiring a designer to build your site as well as hiring a developer to design your site. I do both for my clients but I frequently hire help and I have learned that not everyone can effectively handle both tasks though they specialize in one or the other. 


To hire someone:

1. I believe your hubspot rep could set you up with a marketing company. They will be the most expensive option in most cases but the good ones will take care of all of your web site and web marketing needs so you can go hands off. They will typically want to set you up on a monthly plan that includes design, development, marketing and ect. If your not interested then you will want to specify that this is a one-off project. 

2. I am frequently hired/hiring on upwork. I get hired for Hubspot and WordPress development frequently here and I hire out for content writing, design, marketing material creation, etc. When you hire a freelancer you should definitely vet them, check references and portfolios, and ensure they understand the project. For every absolute professional there is a lazy clock rider trying for a free lunch. The good thing is that you can report freelancers and get refunded if things do go south. I generally have a good experience with UpWork. 


Thanks, I think a lot of your answer is directly usable for me, so you helped me with this – Thanks!!

I also see you have worked with much bigger companies:

  • There are no branding guidelines – maybe there should be, but it is really me, flying by the seat of my paints
  • I do not know of any web designs standards – have idea where to find a trusted set of guidelines

I would love to see this “hovers, effects, etc.” stuff is the site, but because “I am it” I really want to stick with effects that are simple or generically supported in Hubspot (It is just easier for me). These exist in Hubspot? I would like to know


Image Size (for faster loading) is more than on my mind, it is a tool set issue – I have big files, but I have thousands and reaching these "in mass" is a “file manager” issue (a technical issue) within Hubspot – I head the file manager is going to rev in the next couple of weeks - I am waiting for this


Getting better photos is an interesting questions, most of the site photos are real jobs taken from iPhones. The photos are embedded into other parts of the company (Like billing)


I have heard the quality of the photos (layout, lighting etc.) is poor – I agree, but I also write 2 blogs a week and run a company. My installers and I are the “photographers”


I am in 110% agreement that SEO and Web Development and Social are full of shady people. I met with 5 other sign companies weekly (Master Mind Group) and we talk about the businesses – these other companies have worse performance and tremendous costs. I get a few emails a day and a couple of cold calls a week looking to redo my site. The horror stories out of this industry are so pervasive, I am basically closed to this cold calling technique.


So on the Questions


What do you think? Thank you – I think I know what you think – excellent!


If I keep the content and structure, could I change the format and increase site value? I think your answer is obviously “YES”


How could I find somebody to reform one page (the home page)? To test the idea? You offering? I am looking for a “toe in the water” – one page, and a copied format?