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Can I Embed an HTML Page Inside a Modal? - No iFrame

Soooooo... We've been using modals on our product pages as a way to surface more content so users don't have to navigate away from the main page. We currently put all the modal content into a custom module.

A single page can have 6-8 modal blocks and now it's affecting performance. It's also become kind of clunky adding all the content into the module so we'd like to simplify the process.

Ideally, we would like to build separate pages for each modal using all the existing modules we've already created and strip out the header and footer. We would then load that page inside the modal on each product page. A user would only load the modal content when they want it as opposed to having all the modal content load all the time.

This would make the authoring process faster and easier and also improve the page speed.

Is there a way to load a separate HTML page inside a modal without using an iFrame? It seems like it should be straight forward but maybe I'm missing something.

Any suggestions?

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Can I Embed an HTML Page Inside a Modal? - No iFrame

Hey, @MrCapp 👋 Thanks for your quesiton. Let's invite some of our communty memebers into the discussion — @miljkovicmisa @BootstrapC, have you tackled anything similar? Or do you have any thoughts on other approaches @MrCapp might take?


Thank you very much! — Jaycee


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