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CMS Marketing Power User Page Editor - Edit Modules from the Page Builder

I really like the CMS Page Builder (Drag and Drop Editor).

It is like Elementor for WordPress, but works better with the theme to create a consistent look.


What I would like to see improve is the module builder.
It would be nice to have a power user that could edit modules from WYSIWYG Editor (e.g. adding fields instead of relying on a developer), Also being able to clone a module in the Page Editor, and make changes (e.g. a module with tabs that are vertical, but the new duplicate module would have tabs that are horizontal).

Being able to clone and edit modules within the WYSIWYG would allow marketers to do more without relying on a developer for minor ad-hoc changes. (Developers are best with projects).


Sometimes I want to make basic changes like font size, but I have to go into design manager or use a developer. I do try get the developer to add more options when the theme is first created, but it it is hard to predict what is needed in the future.


If exiting modules had a power user that could do could add the any of the CSS options from a visual editor, it would be more like Elementor - but with the advantage of still relying more on the theme. (inconsistencies can creep in with Elementor as relies less on a theme for consitency).

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CMS Marketing Power User Page Editor - Edit Modules from the Page Builder

Hi @HubSpotScaler This is interesting feedback about the blending of marketer needs for editing vs requirements developers have for building out what you're looking for on the front-end.


Adding fields in a module requires code to support that functionality, which is where the developer comes in. It's hard to imagine how this would be possible on the front-end without needing code experience.


My experience is primarily on the marketing side, but I have been working with code for quite a while and would consider myself well-versed in modifying themes/modules - while it's not possible on the front-end, it is possible within your theme from Design Tools directly in the UI without needing local development (CLI) or any external tools.


It sounds like the theme you're working with has a lot of limitations, there are many out there that have all of the flexibility you're looking for (POWER Pro for example has a lot of the same flexibility as Elementor).


If you'd like to share this feedback with the Product Team, I suggest adding an idea here.


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