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CBE Dashboard

I need to see summarised event (CBE) info.

The purpose is that we want to tag different articles with weighted tags.

For instance (article with banking 5, inflation 3, investment 9).

So if a user visits multiple articles with these tags but with separate values, I would like to find them om the Contact page, left column with parametres such as:

Section: Articles

Banking: 18

Inflation: 39

Investment: 1283


I have created a few events with properties nested to it.

The nested properties are mainly integers.

 But no nested properties are added up and neither CBE or nested properties can be added to a contact (aside from the timeline).



Can this be achieved?

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CBE Dashboard

Hey, @HFrenne  👋 The community is best suited for help with a specific issue or question. For more big-picture, is it possible, types of questions, you may want to consider reaching out to a provider or partner listed here — HubSpot Solutions Directory, or creating a specific job request and posting here in the Jobs Board.





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