Bulk update content - replace a URL sitewide

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Is there any way to hit the database where content is stored and find/replace all instances of a specific piece of content? Need to update a URL sitewide (keeping forwards in place but want to update the source to improve SEO)

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Hi @bschneidewind 


U can change in template, for modify all pages with this template, or change in CTA to modify all locations with this CTA. 


I use CTA field in my custom modules in template, exactly for this. With CTA field and not button, i can see views and click rate, and change URL of style easy in CTA options.


For links in text how Rich Text Field, i believe must access all pages if this links are different for each page with template, or change in template (Design Manager) to modify all pages with have the same content for all.


Is some cases, is good create redirection to not lost the visitors with cache or links than forgeted to change: https://knowledge.hubspot.com/cos-general/how-to-redirect-a-hubspot-page.

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Thanks Daniel - I'm looking to make one bulk update across everything though, rather than editing individual components.


Same issue here!