Blog template displays as a hybrid of my design and the parent template on the post page

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I am working on a blog template using the Orbit Knowledge Base template from the marketplace. I've customized it a little bit to remove the original search bar and change a an icon.

Everything I've done looks fine on the listing view shown here: 


KB 1.pngMy knowledge base design

Then problems start happening on the post template, shown here:

KB 2.pngThe weird hybrid design between mine and Orbit's designs

I've taken care to remove any JavaScript targeting the google search bar from the original templates and I can not see any other reason, within the modules that hold the search bar and the icon, as to why these only reappear in the post page. 


Is there something I'm missing?


My live template is located here, if you would like to take a look around (p.s. I'm still centering my search bar currently)

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Hi @turner_bass,


Were you able to resolve this matter? The template you linked to looks to be rendering correctly now. 


If you are still looking for assistance, please let us know. 



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Well not really. What I had to do was make the template just hide that section altogether. So even though I'm not seeing the hybridized section, it was still there and I have no explanation for it.