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I have a listing page which will display blogs based on tags. For example, module 1 will displays blog with the tag Article, module 2 will displays blogs with the tag News etc.


Under each of these modules, there's a pagination option, so if page 2 is clicked on the pagination option under the Articles section, it will show x amount of new Article posts (News posts will still remain at page 1).


My current pagination is built similar to this.


The only way I can this of appraoching this is via an XML feed.  


I'm aware that appending /topic/article.xml to the live blog URL will show me all blogs with Articles. But unsure on how it's queried via HuBL? What I need is each module to paginate seperately. Is this even feasible in HubSpot?

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Hi @Amit_95


Can you please share a bit more information? 


1. In regards to the custom modules on the listing page, are you they pulling in blog posts from the same blog as the listing page? 


2. In regards to using topic listings for blogs, do you mind explaining how this does not meet your end goal? If you have custom modules, why can't those custom modules' pagination buttons lead to the topic listing for the specific topic? You can build the URL through HubL. 


The more information, screenshots and details you can provide, in addition to anything you've tried so far, the better the Community can assist!


Thank you,

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