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I think it would be advantageous to update your CMS so that title tags and meta descriptions are not identical across blog listing, topic listing, author listing pages. This is something we do with our Wordpress CMS builds so as to at the VERY LEAST include the name of the "Topic"(or taxonomy as they would be referred to in Wordpress) into the title tag of a taxonomy listing page. Therein making each individual topic listing page unique.


I'm confused as to why Hubspot thought it was best practice to give these dynamically generated listing pages all the same exact Meta info?

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Hi @jau


You are absolutely right that this would be great. Afterall, HubSpot applied this to their own blog topics pages having identified it as a key SEO opportunity. Read about that here: How We Increased Organic Traffic by Over 50% Using Technical SEO Updates


But, as you identified, this is not possible within the current HubSpot blogging tool. This is probably because it is not a critical feature of providing a blogging platform from which SMEs can easily drive big benefits. But I bet it will come. 

In the meantime, Victoria Gumaer shared a way to do this in code: How To Create Custom Topic Page Headers - HubSpot


I've not tried this but hopefully it still works. 


Hope this helps.

Phil Vallender | Inbound marketing for B2B technology companies
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I agree with this post and it is frustrating. I run a spider tool on my client's site and these are my page title results:


Signals Defense Blog - The Building Shielding Experts | Window Film

Signals Defense Blog - The Building Shielding Experts | Building Shielding


This is not a proper formatting and I'd prefer to write these myself. HubSpot, please advise.


Phil, looking at this topic myself and HubSpot still hasnt addressed this issue.  Didn't know if that link you provided was your own or not.  It's no longer available so thought I'd ask.