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Blog Templates in HTML and Custom Modules

Hey all... I was curious if the following is possible. 


I want to create a custom "Accordion" module that queries a particular table within HubDB (based on a custom field variable in the module) and creates an accordion with said data. I am able to do this easily enough, however with one issue. 


Is there any way I can give this to my marketing team to include WITHIN a blog post's content, while also passing it a field variable telling it which HubDB table to query?


Currently - the only way I can figure is simply adding it to the "Post Page Template" - but this isnt exactly what I want. I want the ability to add this module IN THE ACTUAL CONTENT of the blog post, not in a section before or after it. Is this possible? 



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Blog Templates in HTML and Custom Modules

Hi @shullski 

if you have created a custom accordion module you'll find this part on the very bottom of the right sidebar(inside the module). 

Bildschirmfoto 2019-01-25 um 17.44.55.png


Simply copy the whole snippet, and add it inside the blog post where you want/need it. 

Sometimes you'll need to save and reopen the post, so keep this in mind 🙂

Beside this I've noticed that if you insert the (same) module multiple times you'll get the same content inside of them. This means: if you need multiple accordions inside a single blog post you'll need to clone/duplicate the module, rename it(accordion-module-1, accordion-module-2...) and paste their unique snippets.







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