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We are looking to have more control of what the blog site search actually queries and returns.


For instance we'd like to be able to set it to:

1) Search only blog titles, or
2) Search only blog content, or
3) Search only blog titles and blog content

Right now the hierarchy is very different and way to broad... see below


  1. HTML title
  2. Meta description
  3. H1 HTML elements
  4. H2 HTML elements
  5. H3 HTML elements
  6. Other HTML elements

This is the hierarchy we want to change.

Any help is greatly appreciated...

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Hi @jmarcello,


While I can't speak from the technical side of things, I did want to share this resource as a starting point.


@AntonB@Kevin-C@dennis_e is this something any of you have experience with, or suggestions for how to get started? 



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See the Search API documentation here.


At a glance I don't think this functionality is possible.

Have you reached out to your HS rep?


Might you be able to better explain your use-case and the percieved value of said functionality. With that information we maybe able to suggest another potential solution.

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Hi @jmarcello 

for my knowing it's still quite hard to get the desired result in hubspot. 

Have you read this article?

Maybe this post will help you, too