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Blog Search Result Excerpts Are Showing Incorrect Information

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A couple of days ago I created the search result page for all my blog posts, however, I noticed that all my post excerpts are showing incorrect information.


They started with an irrelevant sentence taken from other posts I suppose, and many of them are all the same. I don't know where they come from actually.

My blog: https://blog.worldgymtaiwan.com/hs-search-results?term=%E8%98%86%E8%96%88&type=SITE_PAGE&type=BLOG_P...

Can any expert give me guidance to solve this issue? Would really appreciate the help.


Many thanks,




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Hi @Nell,


Have you reached out to HubSpot technical Support regarding this matter? If something is not working as expected, partnering with Support will be the most direct way to resolve this matter. 


Thank you,

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