Blog Language Switcher is not working

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Hello everyone,

I currently migrate our WordPress Blog into Hubspot - we have the blog in German and in English. Knowing there is no language switcher I build it using this blog article

Unfortunately it does not appear in the German blog post nor in the English one. I tried to place the language switcher in the header modul group or above the blog content but it did not help.

I saw that other members had similar issues but I did not find a solution in the replies under these posts.
I lack some knowledge in coding so I cannot fully understand the problem.
Could anyone please help me solve this issue?

I attach some screenshots - maybe they help you understand. Thanks in advance.

Kind regards,

Design Manager ScreenshotDesign Manager ScreenshotField Group in the ModulField Group in the Modul

Copied codes:
(I did not edit any of them.)

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Hi @anhorvat 
Is this resolved?  Let me know if I can help.

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Hi @psdtohubspot , no. Could you help me? It would be great.