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Hi All - 


I've recently been authorized for the Beta for Custom Quote development! I'm very excited about what this will be able to do for our company. I do have a couple of technical issues though at the moment that I'm hoping you can help me solve. 


Currently the Subtotals are predetermined by the Billing Frequency property - which is a Hubspot owned and controlled property. All of these definitions are time dependent rather than event or milestone based. We are a B2B company and sell both goods and developmental services. Payments for the developmental services tend to be milestone or project based (kick-off payment, Tool Release, First Parts, Production Part Approval, etc.), where payments for the goods tend to be by invoice / per unit / or can be quoted on an annualized contract value. Because this property is Hubspot owned and Frozen I can't define suitable billing terms depending on my quote type. 


Because of this definition - The current Subtotal functions won't allow to subtotal these items uniquely unless we define them incorrectly according to unique billing frequencies. We can modify the text in the Design Manager to have this look appropriate for subtotals but it is less intuitive to others on the sales team why these unrelated billing frequencies need to be selected. At this point - I've removed the Quote Total from the Simple Template entirely and am adding Non-recurring charges as fees and then issuing payment terms for those Fees in the Terms field per quote. The subtotal-ing of Fees in and of itself is a problem as I am unaware if the subtotal function can handle calling the ADDITIONAL_FEES amounts properly. 


Another issue I am having is that I do not believe the theme_overrides.css is properly pulling our color scheme - not sure if this is inactive at this point since it's Beta or if I should be doing something differently. Our pre-formed Logo is being pulled. 


Lastly - We would love to inlay background graphics to the quote format but I can't see where that is done. The attached image gives you a general idea of where we are trying to go.


 Quotation Image.JPG

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Hey @KAlban 

I reached out via DM 😀



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Awesome. We need to customize Hubspot Quotes as well. I am DM you also.


AndresCRM - I DM'd you back with some more details. Either way - the first step is making sure you're approved for the Beta Customize Quote Template access - if you can't follow the directions located at this link: knowledge base article to clone the CMS proposal folder, I would recommend getting in touch with your Hubspot success manager. 


It takes a basic knowledge of HTML to use the design manager and I'm not as far as I want to be - but it's working and I've got all the options I need at a base level introduced to have a useful customized quote format.   


Wow, Thank you. Yes, this really helps. I am getting in touch now with my SM.