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Hello Community! You have all been so helpful before so i am hoping you can help me with this next issue.


On this page:


The full image of the chairs is not appearing and when it does the CTA gets 'lost' on the blue chair image. We would like the copy and the CTA moved up on the page. Any ideas/help is welcome!  THnak you in advance!!!!

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Q: CTA gets 'lost' on the blue chair image. And, we'd like the copy and the CTA moved up on the page.


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Hey @ErinK, the big gun devs may chime in later (as time permits). In the meantime...


Looks like there's an element on the page with an ID of 'sub' that doesn't need to be displayed. Setting that to 'none' may do the trick for you on both desktop and mobile.

(see image)


Also, maybe try new contrasting buttonization to emphasize that CTA.

(see image)


Header height and image height was also reduced, but that logo is still a little small for my tastes. A few more tweeks and you'll be golden.


Hope that helps. Gotta run.







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Hope that helps.


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Hey @MFrankJohnson so unfortunately I am not sure how to get to that html that you are referring to in your reply. We dont want to change the color of the button. 😞 . Thanks!

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@ErinK: RE: @MFrankJohnson - You can position the background image to force show the bottom of the image. And, if you're not able to change the color of the CTA, you might consider adding a slightly dark overlay over the image to make the CTA stand out more. Drop in the following CSS:

.banner-home {
    background-position: center bottom !important;
.banner-home .overlay {
    opacity: 0.6 !important;