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 I am trying to make a new a page and can't get the whole background to turn black - just certain modules.  Picture will be attached. 


can somebody help point me in the right direction to get a whole page to turn one single background color instead of just the specific modules. 


I have cloned the template you'll see and am working in the cloned one.  I've tried adding in HMTL code to change it black to no avail. And putting the color into the Inline Styling section. 


Thank You!hubspot.PNG

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Hey @voeller I'd probably recommend giving your template a class (if you wanted to make the change to just that template) and then changing the body background style in your style-sheet based on that class. If you went with that option you can add a class to the body by unclicking any modules in the template (there should be a sidebar that looks like the below that shows where you can add your class): 



Then in your stylesheet you'd add something like: {

  background-color: #000; 



Otherwise you can add an inline style to that same section that should apply to the body like this: