Amending templates to work with Outlook 2013


Hi, I have created an email and it looks great in hubspot. The image width is 599, but when I send a test out to Outlook 2013 the image only fits along 2/3 of the width.


Is there anuthing I can do via the HTML on the template to fix this.  It is ok in Gmail and Office 2016.


Many thanks in Advance 





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Hi @Claranetsoho, unfortunately this type of rendering issues in certain versions of Outlook is definitely not a new problem (see this article, and this one, and another...)


Most of these issues are due to the fact that certain versions of Outlook use Microsoft Word (the word processor) to render emails, often resulting in disappointing results for HTML & CSS displaying in these clients. Lack of support includes: 


  • No support for background images in divs and table cells
  • No support for CSS float or position
  • No support for text shadow
  • Poor support for padding and margin
  • Poor support for CSS width and height
  • Problems with nested elements background colors

Litmus has a couple of great articles around this, which you can find here:


These resources are very helpful in better understanding some of Outlook's limitations, but ultimately, it is a process of trial and error if you are looking to have your emails look the same in older versions of Outlook.


Let me know if I can clarify anything else for you!


Hi - thanks for this I will look through the other 2 articles.  I had put the image in a table in a bid to sort it but as you said in your response this didn't get the right response.  I will try again,  it is frustrating.


Thanks for this question and for saving my time for this purpose, I was also looking for the same kind of issue with one of my old websites that is needed to clear these issues as quickly as I get to this post. So thanks a lot. appreciated.