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Allowing X-Frame-Options From Node Server To Use Iframe From Hubspot Design Tools

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Hello, I have a webpage running in Node.js in a server of mine. I added this to my webserver express configuration:



const frameguard = require('frameguard')


app.use( frameguard({ action: 'allow-from', domain: '' }) )



And now from Design Tools I want to embed this iframe:


<iframe src="   ${example_uri}   " style="" scrolling="yes"><p>Your browser does not support iframes</p></iframe>



For some reason is not working. Maybe im getting wrong the whitelistened hubspot url from frameguard. Could you please tell me which uri should I use in order to whitelist hubspot and allow iframes for my server?

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Hey @nicolasriccardi 


I apologize for the delay response. Thank you for all the information provided, this is really helpful for the Community to assist you! 


I am going to tag some of CMS experts to assist you with your question. @Jsum and @Adesignl  would you be able to share your knowledge with @nicolasriccardi?


Thank you


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So Yeah wont wok cause you are not using th iframr on that domain.


there are a few domains that hubspot uses for your site and previews..


Most importantly is the preview:

and your domain.