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I am working on a website redesign where my client needs their website to have 100% Section 508 compliance and ADA Accessibility AA standards.

I have already reviewed Hubspot's article on ADA compliance.  And that seems very straightforward.

The three biggest issues I am trying to find workarounds for within the Hubspot CMS are:

No TITLE attributes found for the frames on these pages. Add a TITLE attribute to each FRAME and IFRAME element (e.g. TITLE="Main Content"). Without a TITLE some screen readers read out the FRAME filename, which is usually meaningless.
Specifically the one related to hbspt-forms: <iframe name="target_iframe_bc4212ea-d953-4120-a112-973453f4fbe8_7258" style="display:none;" data-reactid=".hbspt-forms-0.8"></iframe>

This INPUT button has no VALUE attribute and no programmatically determined name. A programmatically determined name allows screen readers to tell the user what the control does.
To add a name do one of the following:
- Add a VALUE attribute saying what the button does
- Add a TITLE attribute
- Add an ARIA-LABELLEDBY attribute (not supported in all screen readers)
- Add an ARIA-LABEL attribute (not supported in all screen readers) Here is the code we believe it is referencing…but the value is not in the source code:

Source Code: (does not contain value attribute)
<div id="hs_form_target_module_1544123412256121_blog_subscribe_3477"></div>

After Page Loads: (does contain value attribute)
<input type="submit" value="Subscribe" class="hs-button primary large" data-reactid=".hbspt-forms-">

The report also mentions issues with 3rd party IFRAMEs that are hosted on 3rd party servers (we do not have control over this code).  Other than removing the 3rd party IFRAMEs, is there any way to ensure that these are ADA compliant by including value attributes?

Also if anyone has any recommendations for tools that they use for ADA compliance analysis they've used in the past that would be helpful.  Thanks!

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Hi @seanfarias,


Here are a few resources to help with ADA compliance: 

1. The A11Y Project

2. WAVE tool

3. Improving accessibility


Thank you,

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Hi @jennysowyrda,


I think we are still looking for clarification specifically about Hubspot forms: How could we add accessible ARIA labels to the inputs in the form from Hubspot?