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Adding a logo is breaking my site

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Hi, I am trying to add the logo "Detecon" to the german partners site. This worked perfectly on the English site: https://www.leanix.net/en/partners/index .
When I try to do the same on the german site, the page breaks (I am attaching screenshot as we do not have the page live). screenshot-www.leanix.net-2018.04.27-11-28-37.png

When I add the image module (repeating the same steps as on the english site, where it does work), the website breaks, AWS logo is moved, a space appears between the last two logos, and things are moved, e.g. Itelligence logo should appear before "Jira" .
Here is the page I am trying to change: https://www.leanix.net/de/partners/index

I have not changed anything, changed the order or the template. I just dragged in a module, exactly like on the english site (and the pages are the same, only text changes).

What could the problem be? 

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Hi @LauraMauersberg Apologies no one has responded yet. Pinging a few of our design partners  @TRooInbound @stefen  These modules are part of a flexible column. How could this be affected on different pages? 


Thank you,

Ed Justen

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