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Adding a CID image in drag-and-drop mode

Hi everyone -

One of my HubSpot users is currently using RapidMail to send out announcements etc. His experience with his target audience is that they usually don't have automatic preview set up in their Outlook or other mail clients, resulting in an email that is for many unattractive.

RapidMail, when you are using their drag-and-drop design mode, offers the ability to choose to use CID to attach the image and have it pulled it when the mail is opened.

This would be fabulous to have in HubSpot's drag-and-drop design mode!

Right now, as I understand it, HubSpot marketing emails are in two worls: the drag-and-drop world with great user interface and efficiency but no ability to add code without cumbersome back-and-forth (and my users are not comfortable editing HTML) or HTML/HubL with ability to add code quickly and simply, but no great user interface.

Or does someone know a solution to this?

My users want to be able to work on their marketing emails until the last moment (multiple stakeholders) and be able to make the changes needed quickly and efficiently, but for them to drop using RapidMail and start exploiting the power of HubSpot, the CID is a must.



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HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team

Adding a CID image in drag-and-drop mode

@amwilie , any thoughts on this pickle?



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