Adding Navbar to new Blog template

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Having trouble adding moving our navbar to a new blog template. 


Here is the template with where the issue is occurring:

Support testing template:


Here is a template (made by hubspot) where the Navbar is showing correctly:

Working template:


I tried some other steps such as removing the body class and trying to see if this would update, but again this did not resolve. I have created an additional CSS file that has the relevant CSS in it (linked below), my guess is it is still missing some code; or the code found in the original CSS is conflicting with code in the new CSS.


CSS file for navigation:

Original CSS from working template:

Additional CSS for new template:


Please let me know if anyone can help!

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Hi @Greg1,


Do you have public versions of the files (on live or stage pages) that you can share? All of those links are private to your portal. Is the issue that you are not seeing the nav in your blog? 


Additionally if you have screenshots of what you are seeing and what the issue is, that would be great! 


The more information, screenshots and details you can provide, the better the Community can assist!

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